Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fashionista Lost within the Mom Files

Thank God for friends... friends that will check you and be honest with you and love you, all in the same breath.

I have many real life, real time girlfriends, but I also have a few blogging girlfriends, who've I've never met in person, never even talked to on the phone, but  we've chatted, e-mailed, and sent texts (do you say texted?) and I consider them my sisters, just as my girls in real life.

One of my blogging sisters checked me because my blog fashion has gotten lost among the mom files.

And you know what? She's telling the truth. This blog started off as a fashion blog when I had no kids to a semi fashion blog when I had one kid to a mostly mom blog right now.

This spills over into my real life. I have lost myself in motherhood.  Don't get me wrong. I still look cute (I'm not giving that up.) I RARELY take time out to do what I really want to do.

Today, I did a presentation at my job (yes, a law firm) about fashion and due to suggestions from my co-workers, my wheels are turning.

But right now, I'm going to start putting a little fashion back in my blogging life because this is what I have to do!

So check out today's outfit which was about $15!  WTF, you say?

Yes. $15.

The dress was $9.99 from Old Navy
The vest was $4.99 at JCPenney
....and the belt came off of another dress

Friday, October 17, 2014

I Don't Want to Forget

I copied the idea for this post from Carolyn.  Brax is 7 months now, which has flown by, and he's the perfect baby.

Why am I tearing up typing this?  Tears are so petty.

I don't want to forget...

-that he stood before he crawled. (He's done pretty much everything before his time.) 

-how he smiles and grunts and tries to get to me when I walk into the room.

-how he wakes up early in the morning when I'm getting ready for work and spends time with me. 

-the way he hugs my neck when I pick him up.

-his feet on my arms as I nurse him.

-his happiness.  (He is truly the happiest baby I've ever seen!)

-the way he tries to suck my face.

-the way his thick, soft hair feels and smells.

-the love and admiration in his eyes for his sister. 

-him in his dad's lap as he tried to get him to shoot the baby basketball. 

-his half crawl/half walk. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ross Remedy

One day last week, I didn't have to pick up the kids after work and didn't have to be anywhere, PLUS I had a gift card so I thought, "perfect day to shop".  All things pointed to it, right?

There is a  Ross really close to my home and that place is a one stop shop for me, like Target.

Their shoe department never ceases to disappoint and I was able to find a pair shoes that I've worn every day since Friday.

 Guess how much they were????

$13.98!  Can you believe it?  I love these shoes. They are so mascu-feminine and the spikes add a dose of rocker chic!  I seriously haven't been pumped about a pair of shoes like this in a long time.

I also had a wristlet bag that had spikes on it and out of habit/lack of time, I wore it everyday. Sadly, the wristlet park broke off a few months ago but I kept using it as a clutch. This method did not serve me well because: a) I keep leaving the bag everywhere and b) a mom needs her arms free.  I have other purses to carry but who has time to change purses, PLUS my bags are big bags and couple that with baby bags and you just run out of arms. (I need to be an octopus!) 

So I saw this cross body bag and knew it had to come home with me.

This baby was $23.98 and it's another LOVE purchase.  I have also rocked this everyday. Since I like masculine things, this purse was the perfect opposite for me. I love the chain tassel.

Another purchased was this mug.  I loved it. I don't know why, I'm not a huge drinker of coffee (although mother of two-hood has made me now need a cup every morning to function at work).  I think this mug is too fly for coffee anyway, my co-worker suggested I put flowers in it.  Here it sits at work :

Monday, October 6, 2014

Solo Parenting

My husband went out of town on business for about a week.  I was pretty panicked leading up to it, thinking about the last time he left. I was pregnant with Braxton and Zoe wasn't herself. She was quiet and stayed right under me, and asked for her daddy a lot.

Not to mention,  THERE ARE TWO OF THEM NOW..... 

A baby and a toddler-baby (because Zoe has her days).

My family made sure to enforce to me, in their own ways, that I was being dramatic and it wasn't that bad. My mom stressed to me that she had four kids and made it just fine when my dad was away to which I retorted, "Hey, I have no problem in admitting that you are a better woman than me. If you can do it, that's YOU."  My aunt, who also has two sons and her husband was gone for months and months at a time, also stressed to me that it wasn't that bad.

I ignored them both.

My struggle and thoughts are MY thoughts. My family, like a lot of your families, can be quite judgmental... so I just ignore them or respond with a retort (because that's how my mouth is set up.) I just think it's rude to discount how people feel.

Maybe it wasn't to THEM, but to ME, the thought of it being one parent down was bananas.

The craziness while he was gone ebbed and flowed. It was hardest on me in the mornings because we leave so early (it's still dark out) and  the kids are knocked out.  I had to make two trips to the car - one carrying all of their stuff and my stuff for work, and the second carrying just over 20 lb. Braxton in his car seat and 30 lb. Zoe over my other arm.  (I repeated "I can do all things through Christ" over and over and thought of Super Woman.)

After work, I was nervous for picking them both up and entertaining, feeding, and bathing TWO KIDS.... by myself.

There were some days we didn't even go straight home- opting for adventuring to the mall, park, or Target, because I didn't want to be the yelling mom- "Zoe stop, Zoe no, Zoe don't."  It was much easier to make pit stops because once we got home, they were both pretty much exhausted.  Also, there were a few days that they got baths together.

My home wasn't clean.  It was a hot mess until the day I left work early to go clean before I picked them up.

But there were also such sweet moments...

Sneaking in and quietly observing them playing together. 
They melt my stone heart.  

 They were well contained in the cart. 

I was putting on my makeup one early morning and evidently he tried to wake up but just couldn't.
He woke up slept like this. 

I found this great dress at JCP for $9.99.

And we survived.... and thank God we did, because you know what- Hubby got a promotion and will be leaving me with these boogers more often.  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


One day, I was nursing B and Zoe looked at me and said, "Mom, when's my turn?"

And I awkwardly laughed and said, well, you don't do this anymore.

Because she has passed the point of nursing and is now on sucking tit island.

And that's just weird.

***DISCLOSURE:  If you are nursing YOUR 3 year old, THAT'S FINE.  I am not judging you, so please do not judge me for how I feel.   I just cannot do it. ****

Sunday, September 28, 2014

You Have to Crawl Before You Walk

But do you really?  Brax is six months old.  He's not crawling but he gets around. He scoots and belly flop/leaps to where he needs to go.

Well, last week, he started using things to stand. He cannot stand for long but still.

Is this crazy?

In his crib he never sleeps in.... 

Pulling up, in the crib he never sleeps in...

Around the 1:24 mark is where he starts at it. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

So, We Had A Photoshoot

Because we have a child who HATES taking pictures (Zoe), we have to actually hire a photographer to take our pics. 

We've tried the inexpensive places like JCP portraits and Portrait Innovations and they just weren't that great.  Our kid is a not a pose kind of kid. She does not take directions at all well. 

Our photographer, who is at Studio Audrey took our maternity photos when I was pregnant with Zoe, so I knew she did great work. She definitely held up to her reputation at this shoot.

Thank God for this pic right here.
 I think I hear angels singing!
It's truly great.  Audrey is freaking amazing. What you can't see is the chaos that ensued prior to this photo.  I had to actually run after Zoe (in my MAXI skirt and heels) to catch her before she fell in her dress, which would've only caused  more drama. 
Our photographer tried to get so many pics of Zoe but she's 3 and does whatever the hell she wants and she doesn't care that we paid for it... she doesn't care about how stressed out her mom was... she just.......
Braxton was not his usually chipper self. I think he needed a nap. Usually it's so easy to get him to smile but this time, he was practically stony faced in all pics. 
Luckily, his stony face is still pretty cute.
To get each kid to smile, we tickled them.
Here are a few pics :
Talking through my teeth, sit yo azz up, Zoe.
Screw it, FINE.
"Don't tell me to smile again.  Because I'm not."
"I'm not smiling either. Me and my sister are one.  You want me on my stomach? Fine. I'm just gonna lay here on my stomach.  I'm not giving face though."
J is holding her still which made her laugh because well... she's a renegade.
"Would any of you ladies like to dance?"
I tickled and jumped out of the shot.
She was not even supposed to be in this pic but when the photographer was taking pics of just me and J, she ran up behind us.
Because he needed a parent shot too.