Wednesday, October 1, 2014


One day, I was nursing B and Zoe looked at me and said, "Mom, when's my turn?"

And I awkwardly laughed and said, well, you don't do this anymore.

Because she has passed the point of nursing and is now on sucking tit island.

And that's just weird.

***DISCLOSURE:  If you are nursing YOUR 3 year old, THAT'S FINE.  I am not judging you, so please do not judge me for how I feel.   I just cannot do it. ****

Sunday, September 28, 2014

You Have to Crawl Before You Walk

But do you really?  Brax is six months old.  He's not crawling but he gets around. He scoots and belly flop/leaps to where he needs to go.

Well, last week, he started using things to stand. He cannot stand for long but still.

Is this crazy?

In his crib he never sleeps in.... 

Pulling up, in the crib he never sleeps in...

Around the 1:24 mark is where he starts at it. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

So, We Had A Photoshoot

Because we have a child who HATES taking pictures (Zoe), we have to actually hire a photographer to take our pics. 

We've tried the inexpensive places like JCP portraits and Portrait Innovations and they just weren't that great.  Our kid is a not a pose kind of kid. She does not take directions at all well. 

Our photographer, who is at Studio Audrey took our maternity photos when I was pregnant with Zoe, so I knew she did great work. She definitely held up to her reputation at this shoot.

Thank God for this pic right here.
 I think I hear angels singing!
It's truly great.  Audrey is freaking amazing. What you can't see is the chaos that ensued prior to this photo.  I had to actually run after Zoe (in my MAXI skirt and heels) to catch her before she fell in her dress, which would've only caused  more drama. 
Our photographer tried to get so many pics of Zoe but she's 3 and does whatever the hell she wants and she doesn't care that we paid for it... she doesn't care about how stressed out her mom was... she just.......
Braxton was not his usually chipper self. I think he needed a nap. Usually it's so easy to get him to smile but this time, he was practically stony faced in all pics. 
Luckily, his stony face is still pretty cute.
To get each kid to smile, we tickled them.
Here are a few pics :
Talking through my teeth, sit yo azz up, Zoe.
Screw it, FINE.
"Don't tell me to smile again.  Because I'm not."
"I'm not smiling either. Me and my sister are one.  You want me on my stomach? Fine. I'm just gonna lay here on my stomach.  I'm not giving face though."
J is holding her still which made her laugh because well... she's a renegade.
"Would any of you ladies like to dance?"
I tickled and jumped out of the shot.
She was not even supposed to be in this pic but when the photographer was taking pics of just me and J, she ran up behind us.
Because he needed a parent shot too. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This Though

His stink face makes my heart hurt.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ross *new promo*

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Go to Ross' Facebook page and vote on your fave fall look. Easy Peasy.  Do it.
Somebody's gotta win.  :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Motherhood Is....

Motherhood is some pretty scary shit stuff.  (I'm trying to get better- my 3 year old has been saying sh*t regularly.  That's probably me.)

I'm not scared of regular motherly things like, am I raising a good citizen, will my child be kind, will she kick puppies - because well, I think she'll be all great things.  But really, all we can do is our best as parents.

Instead, what plagues me is, what if someone snatches one of them, what if I die and they have no mom, what if they get really sick, etc.  You know, that, kind of thing. 

It's always in the back of my head because you hear these things and well, what makes me so lucky blessed to have mine? 

Zoe has a few issues.  She's definitely my high maintenance child.  She is allergic to eggs, nuts, and fish.  She is allergic to mosquito bites so that she cannot even play outside without being fully doused in repellant.  She's had low hemoglobin since she was a baby and the doctors are STILL testing her to find out why, she takes supplements.   She's asthmatic. 

But I won't complain.  Some moms are dealing with cancer.

But still, this stuff is scary.

I was combing her hair Saturday and noticed clumps coming out.  I just ran my fingers through it and hair was in my hands. I don't know why.  Then I noticed this:

It looks like this on both sides of her scalp, identical areas. WTF is this?  I panicked.... I took her to the doc on Monday. The diagnosis is traction alopecia, which basically means her hair is styled too tight.  I don't believe this.  Her hair is never braided because I cannot braid.  But I don't know what else to do about it.  The doc suggests we just leave her hair out and let it breathe. She has a ton of hair but here we are:

We just have to try this and see what happens. 

Brax is teething.  Brax has been teething since he was 3 months old.  He is now 6.  W.  T. F. 

You can't use any Orajel or anything these days, and his doctor suggested we get Sofie la girafe.  He loves her.  He bites the crap out of her.  My boobs get a break. 

But alas, I would not trade this. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Brax has been teething for almost two months now with no hint of teeth, crying, slobbering and gnawing on everything- yep, that includes my boobs.

We were having one of those nights.  I got him to sleep (he's the only one in the home that you can count on to be sleeping between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m.), my husband had escaped to the gym (because he does that), and the three of us were in the bedroom, on the bed, watching tv.

Zoe had been doing little things to twerk my nerves up to this point, nothing out of the norm, just the I-Can't-Sit-Still kinds of things that 3 year olds do.

She did a hard pummel of her two little fists into the bed that jolted the baby awake. His body shook, eyes flew open and I held my breath as he side eyed her and closed them right back.

I scream/snarl/whispered,  "What Thee EFFE (only I used the proper word)  and she and I engaged in a 1- minute stare off where she she cycled from disbelief to tearing up to a big smile.

I lost my shit.  She was satisfied.

Zoe was escorted to bed.