Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We are going to this #fancy wedding  out of town on NYE. it's for my husband's frat brother...  I'm talking black tie #fancy.  Now, I don't know if yaw remember me writing about it but ever since I was pregnant and most recently, since Zoe was born- that I never dress up!  I dress up for church maybe every other month- it's too hard to chase her in heels and a skirt!

Any-t-who, it's also the first time I'm leaving my baby... so I have a wee bit of anxiety.  We were supposed to go down on Saturday, go to the wedding on Monday and leave Tuesday but plans have changed.  Initally, when we were all together for another frat brother's wedding a few months back, they said although they were going to have a no kids policy, since my baby was so cool, we were free to bring her.  (I was unsure of who would sit for her since NO ONE has sat for her over night.  Initally it was because I didn't want to be separated from my baby but once she got of a good age, no one just wants to do it). On the other hand, I was anxious about bringing her because she's in her scream and run phase- but we had agreed to sit int he back so I could leave out if need be. 

So anywho, it started out that we were free to bring her... then we got the invites in the mail (GORGEOUS invites, btw), I saw the no children policy on there... so I told my husband to contact his frat bro and double check.... he said it was cool. My initution told me to check with the bride (because from watching Bridezillas, I know how brides are- some have been dreaming of that day for years and had a particular ambiance in their vision).   So I contacted her on FB, and she wrote me back saying that she didn't exactly think it was appropriate for Zoe's "sweet little self," but we were more than welcome to bring her.  Now, my husband was cool with just bringing her off of that but me, no, sir. I am a woman. I know how woman think and the sweet Effe Off wink that we give because I have done it myself.  I told him, no siree, she doesn't want us to bring our kid, she is just trying to be nice...

So here we are... we aren't going until Sunday now (I said there was no way I was leaving my baby for the first time for that long), which sucks because my husband has to miss getting together for the last night out with his frat brothers... and he doesn't get to see them often. Now as bad as I feel for him, I'm also like, "alas, you're married now and at least we are going."

So now we are are- What the heck am I gonna wear? Thankfully, one of my fabulous girlfriends who moved here from Texas, is around the same size as me (even though she carries it better because she is SUPER TALL!) had a few dresses.  This one is the only one that fit. 

I kept messing with the stomach area.. it has some darting and since my stomach isn't exactly flat (YET! doggonit) I can see myself smoothing it all night. Plus I felt like my shoulders looked boxy in it. Hopefully with my renewed love for the gym, that will change.

She also picked out this gorgeous color blocked (blue shades) dress (that I didn't take a pic of) but when I tried it on my humoungous chest would allow it to close (please let them shrink too!). The problem with that is shoes...  and tights. I wanted to wear tights because it is so cold! 

I need to figure this out soon. NYE is right around the corner. 


Rogetsfit said...

I Really Like that Dress!! You don’t look boxy at all its super flattering. The stomach area is perfect so you can feel free to "relax" a bit if need be.
VERY Cute!
I do love an all adult yes she was probably just being nice and it was considerate of you to see that. Some people would have just brought their baby anyway.
I hate that hubs cant spend time with is frat but I know you dont wanna leave Zoe :-(

Miesharoshawn said...

I don't know how I feel about the dress??? I say a cute little black dress with patterned tights and a color pump! I can't fathom not dressing up, it's one of my most favorite things to do lol!

I'm sure Zoe will be just fine! Enjoy your adult time away!

Sunny @ LouisvilleSlugger said...

Yeah, that's how I felt!  I'm not in love with it on me.  On my friend, it was perfect. I was trying to stay away from black because that is ALWAYS my color but I'on know girl, I might be  back to my old trusty ways!

And you are right- I am looking forward to sleeping. I haven't slept a full night since I had her. 

Sunny @ LouisvilleSlugger said...

Thanks Ro! And I definitely need some "relax". lol. I have been wearing spanx and all those other kabobs to help flatten my tummy because I still have Zoe's home lingering around.

I really didn't want to stress the bride out or make her upset.  I didn't want her side eyeing my baby at the wedding because that may have been a fight. LMBO.  Kidding... kind of.

It's really hard to leave her.   Have you left True yet?